What Is a Keloid? Plus, 5 Tips to Help Treat Keloids




, What Is a Keloid? Plus, 5 Tips to Help Treat Keloids

Keloids — scars that simply carry on rising — are usually innocent. Nevertheless, they are often ugly and annoying. They have an effect on as many as 1 in each 10 individuals and most frequently seem after damage to the pores and skin.

Attempting to take away keloids surgically is usually ineffective. Nevertheless, each medical and pure remedy strategies might help cut back their look. In some circumstances, future keloids may also be prevented.

What Is a Keloid?

A keloid is a scar that has grown past what is required to heal damaged pores and skin. It’s typically giant, shiny and raised in a bump or line off the pores and skin. Keloids type as pores and skin accidents heal, however they typically find yourself considerably bigger than the unique lower or wound.

Keloids are often darker than your regular pores and skin tone and may also be itchy. They have a tendency to have an effect on individuals with darker pores and skin tones and happen most often in individuals underneath the age of 30. Areas of the pores and skin which are significantly in danger are the ears, cheeks, chest, shoulders and higher arms. (1)

As many as 5 % to 15 % of all wounds heal with a keloid. These giant bumps shouldn’t be confused with hypertrophic scars, which keep throughout the boundaries of the unique wound and should go away on their very own. As an alternative, keloids are technically non-cancerous (benign) pores and skin tumors. They’ll type any time inside a yr of the unique damage. Keloids don’t flip into most cancers. As an alternative, they’re product of pores and skin that merely has numerous further connecting fibers, referred to as collagen. (2)

Can tattoos flip into keloids?

These irksome scars are most definitely to type when pores and skin has a tough time therapeutic, as with burns or piercings. Nevertheless, any injury to the pores and skin can enhance your danger of keloids, for the reason that lumpy scars type through the therapeutic course of. The Nationwide Well being Service in the UK recommends in opposition to tattoos if in case you have keloid issues. (three)

Are you able to eliminate a keloid?

There are some standard therapies that will assist deal with keloids. In some circumstances, you possibly can completely take away a keloid. Many individuals do reply to preliminary remedies, at the least within the brief time period. Nevertheless, each standard and pure approaches have restricted success solely eradicating and retaining keloids from returning. There may be proof that keloids may be prevented, if you understand to anticipate them.

Do keloid scars ever go away on their very own?

Keloids don’t disappear on their very own. Nevertheless, they could get smaller or much less completely different in shade to your regular pores and skin tone with time.

Keloid Indicators and Signs

Keloids range in look from individual to individual. They develop slowly over a number of months to a yr and, after a while, might begin to shrink a bit. On the whole, nonetheless, keloid signs embrace: (2, four)

  • Massive, bumpy, raised scar tissue that grows past the scale of the unique wound
  • Shiny, hair-free pores and skin on the scar
  • Purple, purple, pink or brown scar tissue that’s typically darker than your regular pores and skin shade (hyperpigmentation)
  • Tender and doughy to rubbery and agency to the contact
  • Itchy or burning sensation within the scar (pruritus)
  • Gradual progress of the scar over a interval of a number of months to 1 yr

Causes and Threat Elements

Researchers don’t actually know of any true keloid causes apart from damage to the pores and skin. There are some genes linked to keloids, however no single genetic trigger. Keloids possible develop from a mixture of genetic and environmental elements.

Threat elements for keloids embrace: (2, four)

  • Darkish pores and skin
  • Asian or Latino ethnicity
  • Prior formation of a keloid
  • Delayed therapeutic of a wound, particularly on the ears, face, and higher physique
  • Age 10 to 30 years
  • Members of the family with keloids
  • Scarring from zits, rooster pox, piercings, surgical procedure, burns, scratches and vaccines
  • Being pregnant

, What Is a Keloid? Plus, 5 Tips to Help Treat Keloids

Standard Therapy

Keloid remedy might rely on how bothered you might be by the scar, how giant it’s and what remedies you’ve already tried. Choices might embrace: (2)

  • Corticosteroid injections. The drugs is injected into the scar. This method is usually the primary line of remedy and many individuals do discover enchancment within the scar’s measurement.
  • Surgical keloid removing. That is often coupled with corticosteroid injections or different strategies to maintain the keloid from returning, together with radiation.
  • Silicone dressings. Silicone is used to make gel sheets or dressings that cowl your complete space of pores and skin with the keloid. The sheets can cut back their measurement significantly.
  • Compression. Customized-made molds could also be made to suit over the keloid to create strain. Over time, they could shrink the keloid.
  • Cryotherapy. Freezing the keloid with liquid nitrogen can also cut back the scale of the scar successfully.
  • Interferon or 5-fluoruracil remedy. These medicines are injected straight into the scar to shrink it. Such a remedy is also called intralesional remedy.
  • Imiquimod remedy. It is a keloid cream utilized to the pores and skin to shrink the scar or stop a keloid from forming after surgical procedure.
  • Different choices. These embrace medicine reminiscent of Flurandrenolide tape (Cordran), Bleomycin, Tacrolimus, Methotrexate, Pentoxifylline (Trental), Colchicine, topical zinc, interlesional verapamil, cyclosporine, D-penicillamine, relaxin and topical mitomycin C.

Even essentially the most profitable standard therapies don’t all the time take away a keloid completely. All choices have excessive charges of keloid return after remedy. You must comply with up together with your doctor based on your remedy schedule. In the event you discover that the keloid appears to be coming again, return for remedy as quickly as attainable. Early remedy of a forming keloid is extra possible to achieve success than ready till it’s totally grown.

5 Pure Tricks to Assist Deal with Keloids

Find out how to eliminate keloids has some overlap with pure methods to eliminate scars. Nevertheless, keloids are made up of pores and skin cells which are a bit completely different — and far stronger — than regular scars. You’ll be able to strive a few of the dwelling cures beneath to lighten the looks and even shrink the scale of your keloids. Earlier than you start, although, discuss to your physician. Some individuals might have unhealthy reactions to remedies utilized on to their pores and skin. Get care from a well being care skilled in the event you discover excessive pores and skin irritation, worsening of the keloid or indicators of allergy or an infection.

1. Honey

Each uncooked honey and Manuka honey have lengthy been utilized in dressing wounds. It has well-documented antimicrobial properties that may assist struggle infections in pores and skin accidents. Though keloid-specific analysis is restricted, one analysis research discovered that honey in addition to honey mixed with Calotropic Procera (additionally referred to as milkweed, apple of Sodom, or roostertree) was efficient in limiting and therapeutic keloid-like scars in animals. (5)

As well as, a evaluation of research on the antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties of honey referred to as out its potential for keloid remedy. The researchers imagine that honey’s affect on keloids is probably going because of its anti-inflammatory properties, which can calm the pores and skin. Honey could also be most helpful when utilized through the preliminary therapeutic course of, nonetheless. (6, 7)

A medical research in kids additionally discovered that extracts of tualang honey have been additionally efficient in stopping the expansion of a keloid scar. (eight)

  • Dab honey onto the keloid at the least two or 3 times a day.
    • Use a uncooked, minimally processed honey, or the darkest honey you’ll find to maximise your publicity to its well being advantages. (9)
  • You’ll be able to apply it extra typically if wanted.
  • Wash the honey off when the world will get too sticky or soiled.

2. Onion

A number of medical research have discovered onion to be a helpful remedy for keloids. That is most likely as a result of it comprises quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant results. Researchers have studied using onion extract gel utilized to the pores and skin, together with underneath dressings and compresses.

Though onion extract gel has been used successfully for keloid prevention and remedy by itself, different research mixed it with conventional medicines and located it boosted discount of keloids. (10, 11, 12) The research the place the gel alone was efficient included Asian girls with scarring from cesarean part births. They utilized a 12 % topical onion extract gel 3 times a day for 12 weeks and had smaller, much less noticeable scars than those that utilized a placebo gel. (13)

You’ll be able to strive the same method at dwelling: (14)

  • Reduce an onion into small items.
  • Press down on them with a clear towel to squeeze out the juice.
  • Dab the juice on the keloid, or place simply the moist towel on the keloid. Let it dry.
  • Rinse your pores and skin.
  • Repeat as much as 4 instances per day.

three. Crushed garlic

Garlic has many potential advantages for the pores and skin. Laboratory findings confirmed it could act in a lot the identical means as some present standard remedies for keloids, making it a promising attainable treatment. (15, 16)

  • Crush just a few garlic cloves and apply them on to the pores and skin.
  • Rinse after 15 minutes or in the event you begin to discover irritation.

, What Is a Keloid? Plus, 5 Tips to Help Treat Keloids

four. Selfmade retinol cream

Retinoids are derived from vitamin A. Laboratory research have discovered that they will break down the fibers in keloids. (17) You can also make a home made model of frequent store-bought retinol (a kind of retinoid) lotions by following Dr. Axe’s recipe.

5. Different scar minimizers

There may be some proof that different plant-based substances can even struggle scarring. These embrace: (18)

  • Resveratrol
  • Inexperienced tea (technically, the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in inexperienced tea)
  • Oleanolic acid
  • Curcumin
  • Shikonin (derived from Lithospermum erythrorhizon, a Chinese language herb)
  • Emodin (derived from Himalayan rhubarb, buckthorn and Japanese knotweed)

You can too strive different approaches to handle your keloids:

  • Camouflage. If you need to cowl keloids for look’s sake, you need to use make-up to assist the colour of the keloid match your pores and skin tone. This will likely make the keloid much less noticeable. The Nationwide Well being Service affords a helpful video speaking about methods to disguise or cowl keloid scars. (three)
  • Acupuncture. A single case research reported dramatic enchancment in itchiness, shade, and measurement of a keloid after cautious acupuncture. (19) The British Acupuncture Council doesn’t advocate acupuncture if in case you have prior keloid formation brought on by a piercing, nonetheless. (20)

Keloid Prevention

Studying learn how to eliminate keloids will not be as helpful as studying learn how to stop them within the first place. In case you are vulnerable to getting keloids, or if somebody in your loved ones has them, it’s best to take steps to forestall the formation of keloids.

Methods to forestall keloids embrace: (2, 21)

  • Avoiding damage to the pores and skin, together with by piercings, tattoos and surgical procedure
  • Taking excessive care to keep away from an infection after any pores and skin damage, together with surgical procedure
  • Including medicines, radiation or ointments after surgical procedure, together with your surgeon’s or dermatologist’s steerage
  • Masking new wounds or forming keloids with strain clothes or sheets or adhesive bandages
  • Carrying sunscreen
  • Submit-surgery massages 10 minutes twice a day to 30 minutes twice per week close to the incision website might promote more healthy therapeutic and forestall keloids, however analysis is blended (22)


  • Not all promising scar-fighting brokers have a lot formal analysis on them. Any pure treatment needs to be used with warning and underneath the advisement of your well being care supplier.
  • You must cease utilizing any home made or pure remedy in the event you expertise irritation.
  • Search medical care in the event you expertise vital ache, burning, irritation, itching, indicators of an infection or another symptom that worries you.
  • Communicate together with your dermatologist about the simplest choices and learn how to preserve keloids from returning after remedy.

Ultimate Ideas

  • Keloids are exaggerated scars that develop past the unique damage on the pores and skin. They’re typically crimson, pink or brown in shade.
  • The scars are raised, lumpy scars which are typically shiny in look. They are often very itchy.
  • Keloids are frequent, forming through the therapeutic strategy of 5 % to 15 % of all pores and skin wounds. They’re much extra more likely to type in individuals with darker pores and skin tones and in individuals ages 10 to 30.
  • With remedy, keloids can typically be successfully shrunk, eliminated or prevented.
  • Pure approaches to keloid administration embrace honey, onion, crushed garlic, home made retinol cream and different scar minimizers.