How to Get Rid of Lice: 8 Natural Remedies




, How to Get Rid of Lice: 8 Natural Remedies
Should you’re questioning how you can eliminate lice, I’m right here to inform you that there are fortunately a number of pure house treatments to kill lice. There are just a few sorts of lice together with head lice, physique lice and pubic lice. Whereas physique lice and pubic lice can happen on account of unclean residing situations and a scarcity of private hygiene, head lice can occur to anybody, even the cleanest amongst us.

The CDC estimates that someplace between six to 12 million head lice infestations occur yearly amongst children aged three to 11 years of age. In america, you’ll discover nearly all of head lice instances occurring in preschool and elementary faculty kids and the individuals they dwell with. The excellent news is that head lice don’t carry or unfold illness. However they may have their victims scratching their heads so intensely that a secondary bacterial an infection can happen. Because of this on the first signal of head lice, you wish to spring into motion to get the lice out of your or the one you love’s head, decontaminate your private home and belongings, and make it possible for nobody else in your house will get this annoying parasitic assault. (1)

Let’s take a look at precisely what’s lice, how you can eliminate lice, and most significantly, what are the perfect approaches to pure head lice remedy, together with the perfect lice-fighting important oils.

What Are Lice?

What does lice appear like? Lice are very small, parasitic bugs with out wings that feed on human blood. Grownup head lice are are solely about two to 3 millimeters in size. Since they don’t have wings, they don’t fly they usually additionally don’t hop. Lice get round by crawling (that is most likely making you scratch your head already, sorry!). (2)

There are just a few totally different sorts of lice: (three)

  • Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis): This kind of lice develops on the scalp and neck. The lice truly connect their eggs to the bottom of the hair shafts. So head lice all the time equates to lice in hair. Head lice is often most evident or seen on the nape of the neck and over the ears. An infestation with head lice can be known as pediculosis.
  • Physique lice: These lice dwell in clothes and on bedding and transfer onto your pores and skin to feed. Physique lice most frequently have an effect on individuals who aren’t capable of bathe or launder clothes frequently, reminiscent of homeless or transient people.
  • Pubic lice: Additionally known as crabs, this number of lice infestation happens on the hair and pores and skin of the pubic space. Much less typically it may happen on coarse physique hair like that of the chest, eyebrows or eyelashes.

With head lice, the tiny lice truly connect their eggs, or nits, to the underside of the hair shafts. These eggs might be tough to see. They usually take about eight to 9 days to hatch. The eggs which might be most certainly to hatch are typically a quarter inch or much less from the place your hair comes out of the scalp. The eggs which might be greater than 1 / 4 inch from the bottom of the hair shaft are prone to have already hatched, are useless or are empty casings. (four)

Whenever you’re taking a look at how you can eliminate lice, it’s vital to kill each the lice and the lice eggs with a purpose to be efficient.

, How to Get Rid of Lice: 8 Natural Remedies

Tips on how to Get Rid of Lice: eight Pure Treatments

The higher and extra completely you deal with an outbreak of lice, the much less doubtless it’s to turn into a recurring drawback. Determining how you can eliminate lice naturally takes some steady effort, however so do typical choices. Plus with regards to how you can eliminate lice naturally, you might have already got most of the substances you want readily available. Due to this,  pure lice treatments can be less expensive.

1. Moist-Combing

Tips on how to eliminate lice naturally just about all the time entails a fantastic tooth comb. Moist-combing is a pure lice treatment that you could repeat each three to 4 days for no less than two weeks after you don’t see any lice current. How do you wet-comb for lice? The individual with head lice must have their hair fully moist. It’s additionally a good suggestion so as to add some conditioner (ideally a pure anti-lice conditioner). Subsequent, utilizing a fine-tooth nit comb (out there at shops and on-line for underneath 5 ) you could comb all the lice-infested scalp beginning on the scalp to the hair ends. Conduct this cautious combing not less than two occasions throughout a session. (four)

It’s vital to know that in case your youngster has lice and is barely two months of age or much less, then you shouldn’t use any medicated lice remedy merchandise. Additionally, it’s best to solely use your palms and a fine-tooth comb to take away the lice. For a kid of this age, wet-combing, as I simply described, is advisable each three to 4 days for 3 weeks after the sighting of the final dwell louse. (5)

2. Sanitize Brushes & Combs

On the subject of how you can eliminate head lice, you undoubtedly wish to deal with the instruments which were utilized in a lice-ridden individual’s hair, particularly earlier than and after wet-combing. So take the entire combs and brushes and wash them utilizing extremely popular (130 levels F on the lowest) water and cleaning soap. You too can soak the brushes and combs in rubbing alcohol for not less than one hour. You may even do each the washing and the soaking if it makes you are feeling higher. And to be on the protected facet, embrace all of the hair-styling instruments within the family. Additionally embrace any and all objects that go into hair like barrettes, hair ties, headbands, and many others.

three. Get Out the Vacuum

If you wish to know how you can eliminate lice naturally (or conventionally), you may’t focus solely on the contaminated individual and overlook their bodily environment. Any good typical or pure head lice remedy recommendation will embrace advising you to hoover completely and infrequently throughout a lice outbreak and afterwards. You need to give the entire flooring and furnishings in your house a great, thorough vacuuming. Vacuuming your furnishings and flooring can take away a lice-infested individual’s hairs that might nonetheless have viable lice eggs connected and about to hatch. You additionally could wish to cowl furnishings after vacuuming. You should use a plastic painter’s drop material to cowl furnishings for 2 weeks to stop a recurrence of lice in your house. (6)

four. Wash At-Threat Gadgets

Whenever you study somebody in your family has lice, you could do extra than simply deal with the lice on the individual. You additionally must just be sure you wash any gadgets that might be contaminated with lice. Not solely will this assist naturally deal with the present lice outbreak, however it can additionally forestall switch of lice to another person or reinfestation of the identical individual.

What are a number of the gadgets in your house it’s best to make sure that to scrub? I’m speaking about clothes, bedding, blankets (not simply within the bed room) and stuffed animals. To make sure that you completely de-lice these numerous gadgets, just be sure you wash them in soapy water that could be very scorching (not less than 130 levels F). Dry them at a excessive warmth setting till completely dry, with a minimal dry time of 20 minutes. In case you have something which you can’t wash, however you assume may probably be contaminated, you may seal this stuff in an hermetic bag for not less than two weeks. (7)

5. Pure Anti-Lice Hair Merchandise

The hair merchandise you select for your self and your kids can contribute considerably to your efforts with regards to how you can eliminate lice naturally. There are pure choices for anti-lice shampoo, conditioner and conditioning hair sprays in the marketplace in the present day. I like to recommend discovering pure anti-lice hair merchandise that rating effectively on EWG’s Pores and skin Deep®  Beauty Database and utilizing them as a part of your lice remedy and prevention plan.

6. Lice-Killing Important Oils

In accordance with Mayo Clinic, scientific research have demonstrated that some particular important oils can have a poisonous impact on lice and lice eggs. A few of high selections for anti-lice important oils embrace tea tree important oil, anise important oil and ylang ylang important oil. (15) Lavender and eucalyptus important oils even have been proven to be efficient.

A 2010 examine discovered that a topical lotion that contained 10 p.c tea tree oil and one p.c  lavender oil resulted in a 97.6 p.c elimination of lice after the ultimate day of remedy. In the meantime, solely 25 p.c of examine topics utilizing a widespread typical lice remedy containing pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide removed their head lice. (eight)

You may mix these lice-killing necessities oils with coconut oil for a pure anti-lice remedy. A examine printed within the European Journal of Pediatrics revealed that a mixture of coconut oil and anise spray was a simpler pure different to permethrin lotion, a generally prescribed lice remedy. Whereas 82 p.c of examine topics had success with the coconut anise combination, solely 42 p.c of the permethrin customers had aid. (9)

One more examine printed within the Israel Medical Affiliation Journal discovered even larger success utilizing a mix that included coconut oil, anise oil and ylang ylang oil. This combination was utilized for 15 minutes at a time thrice at 5 day intervals. This pure lice remedy was profitable in 92.three p.c of the kids and prompted no critical unwanted effects. (10)

7. Oil/Smother Therapy

Many pure lice remedy plans will advocate utilizing meals gadgets like mayonnaise and butter to smother lice. These can work. However, I like to recommend utilizing one thing rather less messy and loads much less offensive to your sense of odor. I’m speaking about multi-purpose oils like almond, coconut and olive.

First, coat the hair within the oil of alternative.You may put the oil in your hair and comb it by means of. Or you may strive coating the comb and placing it by means of your hair. Simply select no matter works finest and will get your scalp and hair fully coated. Utilizing hair clips, you might wish to separate the hair into extra manageable sections. Make sure that to do that underneath good lighting. Rinse the comb often underneath extremely popular water as you’re working. When you’ve combed out and coated the entire hair in oil, shampoo and rinse your youngster’s hair twice in a row. This method is advisable day by day for every week. For the 2 following weeks, proceed to carry out wet-combing (No.1 on this record) each evening to verify the lice are all gone. (11)

eight. Head Lice Coconut Oil + Important Oil Therapy Recipe


  • three tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon every of ylang ylang, anise and tea tree oils (can swap for different anti-lice oils in response to what you’ve got readily available/what agrees with you or your youngster)
  • 2 cups apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup water

This must be sufficient for shoulder-length hair, however double the recipe for longer hair.


  1. Mix the coconut oil and important oils collectively.
  2. Apply the oil combination all around the scalp, therapeutic massage in effectively and pull by means of the ends.
  3. Comb by means of the hair with a fantastic tooth comb.
  4. Cowl head in a bathe cap and permit to sit down for two hours. If potential, sit within the solar or use a hair dryer to periodically heat up the cap.
  5. Rigorously take away bathe cap, and seal in a zip-lock bag for disposal.
  6. Comb hair once more earlier than washing and rinsing completely, twice.
  7. Whereas hair remains to be moist, mix 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup water in a small spray bottle. Saturate the hair, spraying ½ the bottle on the scalp and hair.
  8. Lean over the sink and pour the remaining combination over the hair, massaging evenly.
  9. Rinse completely and comb hair as soon as once more with a fantastic tooth comb.
  10. Observe with a lightweight software of coconut oil.  Fashion as desired and permit to stay on the hair till subsequent washing.

As with most lice remedies, you could repeat the method each 5 to 10 days for a few weeks. This helps to make sure that you eradicate all lice and their eggs. Between remedies, comb hair morning and evening with a fantastic tooth comb, and use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. As coconut oil each repels and kills lice, on the first notification of a lice outbreak, begin utilizing coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner.

Lice Indicators & Signs

Should you’re questioning how you can inform if you happen to or a liked one at present has lice, these are a number of the lice signs to be looking out for: (12)

  • Intense itching
  • A tickling feeling when hair strikes.
  • Seeing lice in your scalp, physique, physique hair or clothes.
  • Discovering lice eggs, that are known as “nits,” on hair shafts.
  • Small pink bumps on the scalp, neck and shoulders.
  • Irritability and issue sleeping (head lice are most energetic at the hours of darkness).
  • Sores on the lice-infested space attributable to scratching

So what do lice appear like once more? Full-grown grownup lice are solely across the dimension of a sesame seed or a little bit larger. So, they will undoubtedly be arduous to identify. What about their eggs? Their egg, or nits, look much like little pussy willow buds. They will seem yellow or white. Stay nits can also seem like the identical colour because the hair of the lice-infested individual.

It’s vital to notice that lice eggs, or nits, are generally confused with dandruff. So how do you inform the distinction? When you can brush dandruff out of the hair, lice doesn’t budge so simply and can stay within the hair/on the scalp. You may additionally mistake nits for scabs or droplets of hair spray.

Causes & Threat Components

So how do you get lice? Head lice can unfold extraordinarily simply, particularly amongst faculty kids constantly in shut contact. The number-one approach that head lice spreads is thru direct head-to-head contact with an contaminated particular person. With children, there are a number of alternatives for this head-to-head contact regularly.

It’s unusual, however the sharing of things that are available shut contact with the top or physique are additionally one other approach for head lice to make the rounds. This technique of transmission can happen since lice crawl and lice eggs might be in hair that sheds after which the eggs hatch. Sharing combs and brushes is one other approach for head lice to unfold. Different gadgets that may carry and unfold head lice embrace: barrettes, hair ribbons, hats, scarves, coats, sports activities uniforms, towels, blankets and stuffed animals. You too can choose up head lice by mendacity down on a carpet, sofa, mattress, pillow or blanket that an individual with head lice lately frolicked on. So there are numerous methods to choose up head lice. Fortunately, pets like canines and cats can’t unfold human lice. (13)

As I already mentioned, head lice shouldn’t be an indication that somebody is soiled or not washing their hair sufficient. Actually anybody can get a case of head lice. However there are some teams which might be extra prone to contract lice. On the subject of lice threat components, particularly head lice, age is unquestionably a threat issue. Lice infestations are most typical in younger kids, particularly preschool and elementary school-age kids. Head lice can occur to a baby of any age, hair size or socioeconomic background. However, it’s extra prevalent amongst ladies than boys and it’s additionally extra widespread in Caucasians than African-Individuals. (14)

Now, it’s lastly time to speak about how you can eliminate lice. There are a number of typical and pure choices. And, truly, a number of the pure choices have even been proven to be simpler than the standard ones.

Tips on how to Get Rid of Lice: Standard Lice Therapy

To find out whether or not or not you’ve got lice, your physician is prone to look you over utilizing a magnifying lens. Your physician can be prone to make use of a Wooden’s gentle in his or her examination. This particular sort of sunshine helps the physician test for nits as a result of it makes them seem pale blue in colour. This makes them a lot simpler to be noticed.

Are you aware how you can eliminate lice the standard approach? Standard lice remedy usually consists of an over-the-counter (OTC) topical treatment to kill off the lice and the lice eggs. Nonetheless, these medicines are identified to not kill off recently-laid eggs. This is why a second remedy (typically 9 days later) is often wanted.  If a second OTC remedy shouldn’t be carried out or not carried out on the proper time, then your physician could counsel a stronger, prescription remedy. This prescription remedy comes with extra critical unwanted effects in comparison with OTC choices. (15)

Examples of widespread OTC head lice remedy medicines embrace permethrin (Nix) and pyrethrin with components (Rid). Uncomfortable side effects of Nix can embrace burning, itching, numbness, rash, redness, stinging, swelling or tingling of the scalp. Pyrethrin’s components will increase its toxicity. Attainable unwanted effects of merchandise like Rid embrace: pores and skin irritation, pores and skin rash, pores and skin an infection, sudden sneezing assaults, stuffy nostril, runny nostril, wheezing or issue respiration. (16, 17)

You need to by no means use pyrethrin on a youngster with a chrysanthemum or ragweed allergy. Pyrethrin comprises a chemical compound extracted from the chrysanthemum flower, a member of the ragweed household.

, How to Get Rid of Lice: 8 Natural Remedies


Contact your well being care supplier if OTC or pure lice remedies don’t work after two weeks or if there are indicators of an an infection. Signs of an infection embrace ache, tenderness, redness, swelling, fever or sores that gained’t heal. (18)

By no means use a necessary oil in your youngster earlier than performing a patch check. Some kids could have allergic reactions to important oils, particularly tea tree oil. If a patch check fails, then don’t use that oil in your youngster.  

You shouldn’t cowl your furnishings in plastic you probably have a toddler. It’s potential for her or him to turn into tangled within the plastic sheet and suffocate.

Not solely do I counsel staying away from health-hazardous fumigants, the CDC additionally advises “Don’t use fumigant sprays or fogs; they aren’t obligatory to regulate head lice and might be poisonous if inhaled or absorbed by means of the pores and skin.” (19) You additionally ought to by no means use flammable merchandise, like gasoline or kerosene, to kill lice or to take away lice eggs.

Closing Ideas on Tips on how to Get Rid of Lice

Any dad or mum is prone to are available contact with lice sooner or later since younger school-age kids are the most certainly candidates for lice. In case your youngster has a pal with lice or is the lice provider, don’t panic. All respectable sources will inform you that head lice doesn’t imply that your youngster is soiled, your private home is soiled otherwise you don’t wash your youngster’s hair sufficient. It’s vital to recollect, whether or not it’s your youngster or your self, that lice isn’t one thing to be embarrassed about. It may possibly occur to anybody. Lice is just a quite common parasitic drawback and there are such a lot of pure methods to take care of lice.

Emotionally, it’s additionally vital for a kid to know that she or he didn’t do something incorrect and that the issue may not be gone in a single day, however it is going to be gone quickly! There are a number of choices for how you can eliminate lice. It’s undoubtedly key to be affected person with lice remedies. Whether or not pure or typical, they typically should be carried out for weeks and repeated at sure time intervals.

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